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Elevator Door Operator

Elevator Door Operator

Also called "door open machine". The opening and closing device of elevator car door.
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Elevator doors and car doors are generally composed of doors, guide rail frame, pulleys, sliders, door frames, floor and other components. The door is generally made of thin steel plate, in order to give the door a certain mechanical strength and rigidity, in the back of the door is equipped with reinforcing bars. In order to reduce the noise generated in the door movement, the back of the door plate is coated with anti-vibration materials. Door guide rail has two kinds of flat steel and C folding guide rail; The door is connected with the guide rail through a pulley, the lower part of the door is provided with a slide block, inserted into the slide groove of the ground; The bottom guide of the door is made of cast iron, aluminum or copper profiles. The freight elevator is generally made of cast iron, and the passenger elevator can be made of aluminum or copper.

The elevator door system can be divided into two kinds, the floor door installed at the well entrance is the floor door, and the door installed at the car entrance is the car door. Floor door and car door according to the structure can be divided into the middle door, side door, vertical sliding door, hinged door, etc. Fractured door is mainly used in the passenger elevator, side open door in freight elevator and sickbed ladder used more commonly, vertical sliding door is mainly used in sundry ladder and large car elevator.

Landing door system , guide rail frame, pulley, slide block, door frame, ground ridge and other components. Landing door should be the door without hole, net height must not be less than 2m. After the door is closed, the gap between the door fan and the column, the lintel and the ground should be as small as possible, the passenger elevator should be 1-6mm, the cargo elevator should be 1-8mm.

The opening and closing of the floor door is realized by the door blade installed on the car door. Each floor door is fitted with a lock. After the floor door is closed, the mechanical lock hook of the door lock is engaged. At the same time, the electrical interlocking contact between the floor door and the sedan door is closed, and the elevator control loop is connected. Only at this time can the elevator start operation. The elevator door has a fire protection function in the building and is used to divide the fire protection area. The safety switch of the car door can ensure that the elevator can not operate normally if the door is not closed safely or the elevator is not locked properly.

Also called "door open machine". The opening and closing device of elevator car door.

Elevator door machine, is a responsible for opening and closing the elevator hall sedan door mechanism, when it is opened and closed by the elevator signal, the elevator door machine through its own control system to control the door motor, the torque generated by the motor into a specific direction of force, close or open the door. When the closing force is greater than 150N, the door machine automatically stops and closes the door and opens the door in reverse to protect the door to a certain extent.

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