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Elevator Door Operator

Also called "door open machine". The opening and closing device of elevator car door.
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Elevator doors and car doors are generally composed of doors, guide rail frame, pulleys, sliders, door frames, floor and other components. The door is generally made of thin steel plate, in order to give the door a certain mechanical strength and rigidity, in the back of the door is equipped with reinforcing bars. In order to reduce the noise generated in the door movement, the back of the door plate is coated with anti-vibration materials. Door guide rail has two kinds of flat steel and C folding guide rail; The door is connected with the guide rail through a pulley, the lower part of the door is provided with a slide block, inserted into the slide groove of the ground; The bottom guide of the door is made of cast iron, aluminum or copper profiles. The freight elevator is generally made of cast iron, and the passenger elevator can be made of aluminum or copper.

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The elevator door system can be divided into two kinds, the floor door installed at the well entrance is the floor door, and the door installed at the car entrance is the car door. Floor door and car door according to the structure can be divided into the middle door, side door, vertical sliding door, hinged door, etc. Fractured door is mainly used in the passenger elevator, side open door in freight elevator and sickbed ladder used more commonly, vertical sliding door is mainly used in sundry ladder and large car elevator.

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Landing door system, guide rail frame, pulley, slide block, door frame, ground ridge and other components. Landing door should be the door without hole, net height must not be less than 2m. After the door is closed, the gap between the door fan and the column, the lintel and the ground should be as small as possible, the passenger elevator should be 1-6mm, the cargo elevator should be 1-8mm.

The opening and closing of the floor door is realized by the door blade installed on the car door. Each floor door is fitted with a lock. After the floor door is closed, the mechanical lock hook of the door lock is engaged. At the same time, the electrical interlocking contact between the floor door and the sedan door is closed, and the elevator control loop is connected. Only at this time can the elevator start operation. The elevator door has a fire protection function in the building and is used to divide the fire protection area. The safety switch of the car door can ensure that the elevator can not operate normally if the door is not closed safely or the elevator is not locked properly.

Also called "door open machine". The opening and closing device of elevator car door.

Elevator door machine, is a responsible for opening and closing the elevator hall sedan door mechanism, when it is opened and closed by the elevator signal, the elevator door machine through its own control system to control the door motor, the torque generated by the motor into a specific direction of force, close or open the door. When the closing force is greater than 150N, the door machine automatically stops and closes the door and opens the door in reverse to protect the door to a certain extent.

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What are the requirements of the elevator floor landing door?
1. Sundry elevator car entrance should provide a floor door without holes.
2. The layer door and its frame should not be deformed under normal opening and closing.
3. Each layer of doors should provide electrical and mechanical safety interlocking device.
4. The top and bottom of the horizontal sliding layer door, vertical sliding layer door on both sides should be equipped with guide devices, and ensure that the layer door in its normal movement does not derailment, stuck or dislocation in the operation terminal.
5. Each floor door entrance should be equipped with a floor. The horizontal distance between floor door floor and sedan door floor should not be greater than 25mm.

Must the elevator floor doors be fire proof doors?
Door no need fire door see a door of elevator and stair relations Under the new rules elimination layer elevator door need to satisfy a fireproof limit by stairs stairwells sealed the corridor connecting door needs, set up fire door Smoke stairs stairwells directly forward room door should be class b fire in front of the room and corridor door should be class b fire door to door needs to be set against the corridor.

What are the performance requirements of floor door locks?
Floor door lock is a special door electric lock combined by mechanical interlock and electrical interlock contact. When the mechanical locks of the door electric lock on all the doors of the elevator are locked, then the electrical contact can be connected and the elevator can start. If there is a floor door electric lock is not locked and connected to the elevator can not start and when the car leaves a certain floor, the floor door can not be opened by hand in addition to a special key to unlock the door, which is a very important device in the safe operation of the elevator...

How to install and adjust the elevator door?
Install the elevator doors first by standing on top of the elevator car while you install them. Then install the door head and hinge first. Then install the Shanghai edition. And then the door knocker. And then put the door back on. It's time to adjust. According to the. The standard size to slowly adjust to the standard as far as possible, so that the door to meet the requirements.

Some installation technology skills of elevator floor door and door sill.
1. Two layers of doors are lowered from the upper model frame to install the standard line, and the secondary positioning method of the guide rail can be used to fix it in a natural static state, and the lower end is still tied with iron wire on the lower model frame.
2. Draw the center line and width line of the net door on the pedals according to the center and width of the net door.
3. Negotiate with the civil construction unit to determine the standard height line of the floor door, so that the floor is 5-10mm.higher than the decorated floor.
4. The installation bracket of floor door pedal is made, and the two floor door floor line is taken as reference, and fixed on the fine calibration and alignment guide rail after correction.

Some usual kinds introduction of elevator lift device.
Elevator cars, industrial hoists, hydraulic hoist elevators, panoramic elevators, metal structure lifting systems, villa home lift for disabled people, outdoor elevators, auto lifting platforms, stretcher elevators, dumbwaiters, stairlifts...

How does the elevator work?
The elevator has a car and a counterweight, they are connected by wire rope, wire rope through the drive device (traction machine) traction drive, so that the elevator car and counterweight on the elevator guide rail to do up and down movement.

Will people be hurt when an elevator closes?
In the process of closing the elevator, if the car door touches people or objects, the door will automatically reopen, and will not hurt people. Because there is a switch on the door to prevent people from clamping, once the door touches people or objects, this switch action prevents the elevator from closing, re-opening, and then re-closing.

Can you open the door of the elevator?
The door of the elevator hall can not be opened outside the hall, and must be opened with special tools (installation tools are mastered by maintenance personnel). Passengers are not allowed to open the door alone, otherwise there is a risk of falling down the well.

Should the elevator installation and repair units and maintenance and operation personnel be qualified?
Yes. The elevator installation, maintenance and transformation unit shall obtain the qualification certificate issued by the Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision before engaging in the corresponding work; Elevator installation, maintenance, elevator operators should obtain special personnel operation certificate, certificate on duty.

When the elevator runs abnormally, how to do in the car?
When taking the elevator, you should press the red emergency stop button on the control panel when you find that the elevator is speeding or the speed is slow. The elevator will stop automatically and inform the elevator maintenance personnel in time.

Q: How to check the elevator?
Answer: After the elevator has been installed by the construction unit, the technical standards and quality standards that should be set by the country are checked and accepted. The construction unit shall submit the acceptance materials to the realty management company.

Q: What is the elevator document information?
A: The elevator factory certificate, performance test, operation record, installation instructions, etc. There are elevator schematic diagram, installation diagram and so on.

Q: Wha is hallway security system?
Answer: The door installed at the door of each floor elevator has mechanical locks and electrical contacts. The passenger ladder is mostly automatic opening and closing, which is completed by the door knife on the car door driving the rubber roller on the hall door, and the car door is driven by the opening and closing device on the car.

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