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Escalator Step Roller
Escalator step roller

Escalator Step Roller

We have 75*23.5/76*2576.2*22/70*25/80*25mm specification.
Product Detail

Escalator step roller Escalator step wheel

Product specification : Escalator Step Roller Escalator Step Wheel roller MOQ 10 PCS

Type: Elevator parts

Delivery time: within 5 working days

Package: standard export box or wooden case

Transportation way : DHL, TNT, FedEx, Air, Sea.

Product: 100% brand new.

Brands fits : Otis, Mitsubishi ,Kone, Hitachi Sigma, Hyundai,...

Features: Polyurethane elastomer coating, PU coating, imported polyurethane PU round coating. Without degumming, no block falling, high load, high dynamic load, good tensile and tear strength, small permanent deformation, good resilience, high wear resistance, low endogenous heat, good high temperature resistance, good dynamic performance and impact resistance.

Ningbo lilong provides a new type of escalator step roller, which has more solid roller body and outer ring, good wear resistance, good corrosion resistance, higher operation stability and safety, long service life and lower cost.

Bearing elevator accessories escalator step roller wheel. Smooth, low noise, good quality, long life, resistance to wear, dependable performance, high precision. POM and PP plastic coated bearings Materials with good mechanical strength and wear resistance , suitable for the production of more sophisticated plastic bearings, working temperature from -60 °C ~ 100 °C, high strength and smooth surface , basically does not appear tension , its good self-lubricating properties and low coefficient of friction , while maintaining the traditional advantages of plastic bearings on the basis of precise and can be used in high speed operation .

We have 75*23.5/76*2576.2*22/70*25/80*25mm specification.

roller step escalator

roller step escalator manufactor

roller step escalator sample

Detail drawing of roller step escalator

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