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Lift Door Sill
Lift Door Sill

Lift Door Sill

Elevator landing door and car door sill,available for different elevator brands,can be of aluminum alloy or stainless steel.
Product Detail

Elevator door sill is a entrance to lift. Horizontal metal members with openings close to the ground, such as entrances and exits. Elevator floor is the elevator car or floor door entrance in and out of the car with groove metal pedal.

We producethe elevator landing entrance.. There are many different types of doors that can be installed in lifts, all of which can be divided into manual and automatic. Manual doors are usually opened and closed manually by the user, while automatic ones are powered by a door operator. Both manual and automatic doors can be further subdivided into different categories.

The elevator floor is divided into car floor and landing door floor. Stainless steel floor.

The floor of the gate is the floor of the entrance.

1. Door sill

2. Landing jamb/ landing frame

3. Landing header

4. Supporting brackets

5. Toe guard

6. Sliding doors

What function does the elevator floor have.

The main action of the ground ridge is for the normal operation of the door, there is track above the door, there is door block below the door (door guide boots) it is the support point of the door. If there is no ridge below, the door has no point of strength. The door will swing back and forth.

Installation technology of floor landing door.

1. Put down two layers of door installation standard lines from the upper sample frame. The secondary positioning method of guide rail can be used for the floor height to fix it in the natural static state, and the lower end is still tied with wire in the lower sample frame.

2. According to the floor door pedal center and the width of the net door, draw the net door center line and the net door width line on the pedal.

3. According to the width of the net door, determine the length of the floor door pedal.

4. Negotiate with the civil construction unit to determine the standard height line of the floor door ledge, so that the ledge shall be 5-10mm higher than that after decoration.

5. Make the mounting bracket for the door pedal of the floor, and fix it on the guide rail of the fine calibration and alignment after correction with two standard lines of the floor of the door as reference.

Elevator landing door and car door sill,available for different elevator brands,can be of aluminum alloy or stainless steel.

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