Excellent supplier for Hitachi Elevator of elevator door, switch, step, moving walkway parts…
 Jun 22, 2021|View:115

Recently, Hitachi Elevator (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 2020 Annual Supplier Conference was held in Shanghai, and two awards were issued: "Best Quality Award" and "Best Supplier".The conference brought together the major elevator manufacturers in the industry, stars gathered together, talk about development, the conference room was full of seats


In this meeting, Lilong stood out from many excellent suppliers and won Hitachi "Best Quality Award" and "Excellent Supplier" two awards, and won a bonus of 100,000 yuan.These two awards are the full affirmation by Hitachi Elevator (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. of Lilong's 30 years of focus on the production of elevator parts, high quality products and strong productivity, and are also a strong proof of Lilong's adherence to the integrity of cooperation.