Ningbo Lilong is one of the top ten elevator parts brands in the world!
 Jun 22, 2021|View:84

On the evening of April 20th, the press conference of global elevator brand influence ranking of new elevator network was held grandly in Langfang.The meeting brought together the top elevator manufacturers in the industry.Ningbo lilongis committed to standing in the front of China's intelligent manufacturing, with strong elevator parts research, manufacturing and output listed in the global elevator parts brand influence ten!


The global elevator accessories brand influence ranking is voted online, with 40% of the score coming from public judges and 60% from professional judges.Lilong was selected as one of the top ten, which fully shows the position and influence of Lilong in the industry.Lilong will continue to stay true to its original aspiration and forge ahead.Create more value for customers, join hands with partner in future.