How is the moving walkway cost calculated
 Aug 24, 2021|View:75

The moving walkway plays the role of increasing the flow of customers and attracting traffic, and also plays the role of upgrading shopping malls and supermarkets, so as long as the large shopping malls are equipped with escalators.

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Due to the large number of requests for moving walkways and moving crosswalks in shopping malls and supermarkets, Ningbo Lilong Machinery And Electric Co., Ltd. receives a lot of inquiries about the cost of moving walkways. Here is how the moving walkway cost is calculated by Ningbo Lilong Machinery And Electric Co.

Moving walkway that step width distinction can be divided into one meter wide step escalator 0.8 meters wide escalator and 0.6 meters wide escalator, cut escalator steps can be divided into aluminum steps and stainless steel steps, the price of aluminum steps is higher than stainless steel steps. According to the angle to distinguish the escalator can be divided into 30 degrees angle and 35 degrees angle, 30 degrees angle escalator price is higher than the 35 degrees angle escalator price. According to the lifting height, the price is generally increased by a certain percentage for every 10 centimeters.

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Now Ningbo Lilong Machinery And Electric Co., Ltd. moving walkway as an example to give you a calculation of 4.5 meters moving walkway cost. the base price of 30 degree angle escalator with 4 meters lift is calculated by 4 meters 99,000, 30 degree angle is more expensive than 35 degree angle 3000 USD per unit; each 10 cm lift is 1000 USD and each 10 cm lower is 800 USD. This can be derived is 99000 + 3000 + 5000 equal to 107000 U.S. dollars. (This is the stainless steel step). Now you can clearly know how to calculate the cost of moving walkway it.