Introduction and action conditions of elevator door operator
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elevator door operator, is a mechanism responsible for opening and closing the elevator hall car door, when it is subject to the elevator open and close signal, the elevator door machine controls the door opening motor through its own control system, and the torque generated by the motor is transformed into a force in a specific direction to close or open the door. When the stop closing force is greater than 150N, the door operator automatically stops closing the door and opens the door in the opposite direction, playing a certain degree of closing protection.

elevator door operator

The technology of elevator door operator has gone through the development of mechanical door machine, frequency conversion door machine and permanent magnet synchronous door machine.

Inverter door machine.

AC asynchronous inverter elevator door operator is usually referred to as inverter door machine, its composition is mainly divided into three parts: inverter door machine control system, AC asynchronous motor and mechanical system; elevator inverter door machine has two types of motion control: "speed switch control mode", "Encoder control mode"; "speed switch control mode" can not detect the movement direction, position and speed of the car door, and can only use the position and speed open-loop control, resulting in relatively poor control accuracy and not good smoothness of the door machine movement process, so it mostly uses "Encoder control method". Now there are specific elevator door operator inverters supplied in the market.

Permanent magnet synchronous elevator door operator.

Compared with the inverter elevator door operator, the permanent magnet synchronous elevator door operator upgrades the AC asynchronous motor to a permanent magnet synchronous motor. Permanent magnet is a way to excite the motor, and inverter is a way to control the variable speed of the motor. In other words, the inverter door operator emphasizes that the control part of the door operator is inverter control, while the permanent magnet synchronous door operator emphasizes that the door operator is a permanent magnet motor. Frequency conversion technology and permanent magnet synchronous these two technologies are actually complementary.

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elevator door operator action conditions:

1, the elevator is a high-rise linear load tool, the shaft in addition to the car box, there is nothing to block the objects falling, it can also be said that the elevator shaft is a high-risk area, so the elevator door becomes the inner door and the outer door double doors.

2、The inner door of the elevator has the function of opening and closing the outer door, and the inner door relies on the motor of the elevator door machine to open and close the door of the car, and the inner door is equipped with guide wheel and support wheel, which is a very light load body.

3, the outer door of the elevator is also the floor door, this floor in and out of the elevator door, itself is not equipped to open the door, the door is driven by the car box door (inner door) to open up, when the car box is not stopped in the floor level position, the outer door needs to open the door tool to open, this is the outer door automatic safety locking equipment.