Daily maintenance points for moving walkway parts
 Sep 25, 2021|View:38

The characteristics of moving walkway parts, the escalator its electrical drive and electrical control principle is simple, its mechanical structure is complicated, the parts are compact, the operation space distance is small, so for the maintenance personnel's clamping skills requirements are extremely high, sometimes must use some special special tools, or zero-time self-made tools, in order to implement the disassembly and replacement of parts and assembly.

moving walkway parts

The structure of escalator is mainly composed of ladder path (step walking route), belt path (handrail with walking route) traction drive machine, drive control device, mechanical transmission system and safety protection parts, etc. In maintenance, these parts must be cleaned and lubricated, checked and replaced and repaired.

Moving walkway parts of the daily maintenance must do the following items of inspection and maintenance: 1.

1. moving walkway parts clean, wiring tight.

2. Fault display board signal function is normal.

3. The equipment running condition is normal, no abnormal sound and shaking.

4. The main drive chain is running normally, and the electrical safety protection device is operating effectively.

5. The brake mechanical device is clean, the action is normal, and the brake mechanical links are regularly lubricated.

6. The brake status monitoring switch works normally, the auxiliary brake works normally, and its device must not be removed to cancel its function.

7. The lubricant oil quantity of the reducer is appropriate, there is no oil seepage, the oil level is checked regularly, and the oil is changed regularly.

8. The motor vent is clean, and the cooling air blade should be intact without damage.

9. The overhaul control device works normally, and the relay contactor in the control cabinet has normal action status when the escalator is running, and there should be no abnormal noise.

10. The oil level of the automatic lubricating oil tank is normal, the lubrication system works normally, the oil nozzle of each part is sprayed normally, the sprayed oil should be dripped in the position that needs effective lubrication, the time adjustment of the automatic lubricating device's timing automatic oil pump should be moderate, not too fast or too slow.

11. The comb plate switch works reliably and effectively and normally.

12. The comb plate lighting is normal.

13. The comb board is in good condition, and the comb teeth of the comb board mesh with the tooth groove of the pedal surface and the guiding tape normally and do not run off.

14. The step or pedal sagging switch works reliably and effectively normally.

15. The step or pedal missing monitoring device works reliably, effectively and normally, and this function should not be canceled.

16. The overspeed protection device or non-maneuvering anti-reversal protection monitoring device works normally and is regularly tested and inspected.

17. Inspection and repair of cover and floor board, anti-tipping or overturning measures and monitoring devices are effective and reliable.

18. Ladder chain tensioning switch is correctly positioned, reliable and normal operation.

19. Prevent children from overturning the guard plate of the railing should be intact, no damage.

20. The ladder rollers and ladder rails work normally, the ladder rollers should be free of damage, no abnormal sound when running, and the damage is found to be replaced in time.

21. The clearance between the ladder steps, treads and apron board, the horizontal clearance on any side and the sum of the clearance on both sides conform to the standard value, and the clearance on both sides shall not be greater than 7mm.

22. The operation direction display works normally, and the public transportation escalator safety voice prompts should be effective, and the sound volume is moderate.

23. The protection switch at the entrance of the handrail belt is flexible and reliable, and the entrance of the handrail belt is full of debris and garbage, and timely inspection and cleaning.

24. No burr on the surface of the handrail, no mechanical damage, no friction in operation, no abrasive dust, such as dust timely inspection and replacement of the handrail steering chain.

25. Handrail belt running speed is normal, the whole belt road system without scratching, no strange sound.

26. the handrail guard skirt plate is fixed firmly and reliably.

moving walkway

27. The lighting at the upper and lower entrances and exits works normally.

28. the protection railing between the upper and lower entrances and escalators is solid and reliable.

29. Safety warning signs at entrances and exits are complete and eye-catching.

30. the separation room, each drive and turning station are clean and free of debris. 31.

31. Automatic operation function is working normally.

32. Emergency stop switch is working normally.

33. Regularly check the fixing bolts of the drive host, there should be no loose displacement, moving walkway parts must be firmly and reliably fixed.