The most complete explanation of the structure principle of moving walkway
 Oct 14, 2021|View:14
The main motorized composition of the moving walkway is the huge gears at both ends and the tracks covered on them, with a row of rollers on both sides of the tracks for better sliding.

The gears have a bicycle chain-like device, the main function of which is to make the small gear drive the big gear to turn.

The large gear is stuck inside the track so that when the gear starts to turn, the track will also move in a circular motion.

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The top of the track is where we usually stand, that is, one metal step after another. The metal steps have neatly arranged grooves.

This is partly to prevent slippage and partly to fit the end comb plate so that debris can be removed from the surface when the steps are turned underneath to avoid damage to the internal structure.

These metal steps are not solid, but made into a small "iron shell" in the shape of steps. So the space inside the moving walkway is still quite empty, not quite the same as what Madison had imagined.

And triangular structure, so that these steps at the two ends of the rotation of the place can be stacked together, from the high and low steps into a normal curved surface, so as not to be stuck in the process of circular motion.

Although the ladder looks very thin, but the normal standing two adults is no problem at all, as long as not in the top to a Thomas full spin landing on the line.

The ladder has a horizontal metal stick as a support, in the application of industrial adhesive after the two ends were stuck on the two sides of the pulley.

In order to ensure that it will not fall off, the interface is laterally nailed into the snap to strengthen the stability.

The circular structure of the moving walkway itself allows the escalator to adjust its direction of operation at will. When there is a large amount of traffic, there may be a situation where both directions of the elevator are adjusted to the same direction, so be sure to look carefully when riding the elevator.

In addition to the track body, the exterior of the moving walkway is a more massive bracket on which the handrails, the gears at both ends of the track and the pulleys on both sides are mounted.

There is an extended space at each end of the stand, with a cover plate above as a support for pedestrians to pass through. When the elevator breaks down and needs to be repaired, the maintenance staff will open the cover plate and go down for repair.

There is a protection switch under the cover, which will be triggered to stop the elevator in case the cover is lifted when it is loose.

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However, if the protective switch does not work properly, don't panic yet, there are manual emergency shutdown buttons at both entrances of the elevator, which can be pressed to stop the elevator.

Every moving walkway is checked before it leaves the factory to make sure everything is OK before it is shipped.

Yes, the moving walkway is not assembled where needed, but the whole machine is delivered from the factory and installed directly, and a skylight is opened and lifted in for the installation operation.

Although moving walkway is a big guy, but with the building blocks are still a bit similar, in fact, with Lego can be put together a mini version of the operating principle and we just mentioned basically the same.