What are moving walkway parts? Do you know?
 Oct 19, 2021|View:45

We all know about moving walkway parts, which are relatively common, but few people know the five major parts of moving walkway parts, which are relatively unfamiliar to everyone, five major parts refer to traction machine, control cabinet, speed limiter, car box door machine, safety clamp.

moving walkway parts

1. traction machine

The elevator traction machine of moving walkway parts is the power equipment of elevator, also called elevator host. Its function is to transmit and transfer power to make the elevator run. It consists of electric motor, brake, coupling, reducer, traction wheel, frame and guide wheel, auxiliary disc drive wheel and so on. The guide wheel is usually installed on the frame or the load-bearing beam under the frame.

2. Control cabinet

The control cabinet of moving walkway parts assembles switchgear, measuring instruments, protection devices and auxiliary equipment in enclosed or semi-enclosed metal cabinets or screens according to the wire requirements. The layout should meet the requirements of the normal operation of the power system, facilitate maintenance, and not endanger personal safety. and safety of surrounding equipment. In normal operation, the circuit can be opened or closed by manual or automatic switches.

3. weight balance system

The main function of the system of moving walkway parts is to balance the weight of the car. In the elevator work, the weight difference between the car and the weight can be kept within the limit, and the traction drive of the elevator is normal. This system mainly consists of counterweight and counterweight compensation device.

4. elevator doors

The elevator door crane of moving walkway parts is a mechanism responsible for opening and closing the elevator hall door. When receiving the opening and closing signals from the elevator, the elevator door crane controls the opening motor through its own control system and converts the torque generated by the motor to a specific direction. Close or open the door with force.

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5. Safety protection system

The safety protection system of moving walkway parts can ensure the safe use of the elevator and prevent all accidents that endanger personal safety. It includes elevator speed limiter, safety clip, rope clip device, buffer, safety contact plate, floor door lock, elevator safety window, elevator overload limiting device and limit switch device.