What are the parts of the elevator structure
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The structure of elevator includes: four major spaces, eight major systems four major spaces machine room part, shaft and pit part, car part, layer station part. Eight systems traction system, guidance system, car, door system, weight balance system, electric dragging system, electrical control system, safety protection system.

Elevator Door Operator

According to the different driving methods, elevators can be divided into traction drive, forced (reel) drive, hydraulic drive, etc. Among them, traction drive has the advantages of safe and reliable lifting height without restriction and easy control of elevator speed, etc. It has become the mainstream of driving methods for elevator products. In the traction hoisting mechanism, the steel wire rope is suspended in the rope groove of the traction wheel, and one end is connected with the car and the other end is connected with the counterweight. The traction wheel uses the friction between it and the wire rope to drive the elevator wire rope and then drive the car to lift. In the following, the traction-driven elevator is the object of introduction.

The internal structure of the elevator is also the core of the elevator, including frequency converter, brake, buffer, safety clamp, speed limiter, introduction device, Elevator Switches, transformer, rectifier, knife switch, transfer switch, contactor, electromagnetic relay, selector, main command appliance, terminal switch, door chain contact, brake solenoid, light signal panel, floor light signal, signal display, signal bell, guide rail, shaft, machine room, car elevator, platform, counterweight.

Traction system: The main function of the traction system is to output and transmit power to make the elevator run. The traction system mainly consists of traction machine, traction wire rope, guiding sheave and anti-rope sheave.

Guidance system: The main function of the guidance system is to restrict the activity freedom of the car and counterweight, so that the car and counterweight can only make lifting movement along the guide rail. The guiding system is mainly composed of guide rail, guide shoe and guide frame.

Car: The car is an elevator component for transporting passengers and goods, and is the working part of the elevator. The car is composed of car frame and car body.

elevator door operator: The main function of the door system is to seal the entrance of the floor station and the entrance of the car.

Elevator Switches

Weight balancing system: The main function of the system is to balance the weight of the car relatively, which can keep the weight difference between the car and counterweight within the limit during the work of the elevator.