Introduction of lift door operator system
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The lift door operator system can be divided into two kinds, the one installed at the entrance of the shaft at the floor station is the floor door, and the one installed at the entrance of the car is the car door. The floor door and car door can be divided into medium division door, side opening door, vertical sliding door and hinged door according to the structure form. The center divided door is mainly used in passenger elevator, the side opening door is more commonly used in freight elevator and hospital bed elevator, and the vertical sliding door is mainly used in miscellaneous elevator and large car elevator. Hinged doors are less used in China and more used in foreign residential elevators.

lift door operator system

Elevator floor door and car door are generally composed of door, rail frame, pulley, sliding block, door frame, floor can and other components. The door is generally made of thin steel plate, and in order to make the door have certain mechanical strength and rigidity, the back of the door is equipped with reinforcement bars.

To reduce the noise generated in the door movement, the back of the door plate coated with anti-vibration materials. Door guide rail has two kinds of flat steel and C type folded edge guide rail; door is connected with the guide rail through the pulley, the lower part of the door is equipped with slider, inserted into the groove of the floor; the lower part of the door guide with the floor can be made of cast iron, aluminum or copper profiles, the cargo ladder is generally made of cast iron floor can, the passenger ladder can be made of aluminum or copper floor can. Layer door should be a door without holes, the net height shall not be less than 2m. The outer surface of the automatic layer door shall not have a recessed or protruding part greater than 3mm. (Except at the triangle opening lock).

door open machine

These recessed or protruding part of the edge should be chamfered in two directions. The door with a lock layer should have a certain mechanical strength. In the opening direction of the horizontal sliding door, with 150N manpower (without tools) applied to a most unfavorable point, the gap between the door fan and the door fan and column, lintel shall not be greater than 30mm. the net inlet width of the floor door than the net entrance width of the car on any side of the excess part shall not be greater than 0.05m.

Elevator door opening mode generally has.

(1)Middle division type. Commonly used in passenger elevators and passenger and freight elevators, the door is separated from the door, high efficiency of opening and closing.

(2) Side opening type. Commonly used in freight elevators and hospital bed elevators, all the doors open and close to one side, and the door opening is large.

(3) Straight split type. Does not occupy the car space, so that the elevator gets the maximum opening width equal to the width inside the car tonnage freight elevator and miscellaneous ladder.