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moving walkway
Moving walkway

moving walkway

A moving walkway is a fixed electrically driven device with a circular running (plate or belt) walkway used to transport passengers at a horizontal or oblique Angle of not more than 12°.
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A Moving walkway (also known as travelator and sometimes autowalk pavement) is a moving surface that transports people horizontally, a moving pavement for transporting pedestrians, as in a shopping mall supermarket or an airport. Within a couple of years, more shopping mall and airports installed the moving walkways, Most public places currently have at least one moving walkway, but some airports have started removing old walkways too.

Pallet type moving walkway

The pallet type moving walkway is the common type of moving walkway today. The pallets are metal, and are on a track. Pallet type moving walkways can also be inclined, and even be flat, then inclined. Niingbo lilong produce stainless steel moving walkway pallet.

Moving Walkway Feature:

1. Super-consciousness aesthetic design meets the characteristics of human physiology;

2. Humanized design, comfort and natural;

3. Advanced control system and driving device, superior driving system, superior driving chain, excellent workmanship assures the comfortable operation;

4. The safety protection functions as many as 21 items fully comply with national and European standard;

5. Automantic lubrication system lubricates all kinds of driving components, which prolongs passenger conveyor's operation life greatly.

6. Micro-computer controlled system performs with rapid calculation speed, high reliable moving, and also with failure code fixed, easy to be maintained;

When calibrating the appropriate width of an escalator or moving walkway, three standard design widths for use are 24”, 32”, 40” (61, 82, 102 cm). 24” (61 cm) widths are suitable for only one person at a time and are best used when traffic is limited or space is a concern. 32” (82 cm) wide designs offers more flexibility for the users and allow enough space for a second person to pass by. 40” (102 cm) widths provide space for two people and also are wide enough for two lanes of traffic.

The moving walkway has been accelerating mobility for travelers for decades. There was a time when the moving walkway captured the public’s imagination. From the beginning to the end of the walkway. They are powered by motors, typically standard escalator-type drive systems. The steps run on tracks. Usually, there is a handrail that moves along with the moving walkway that you may hold onto when riding the moving walkway. There is also an emergency stop button (immediately stops the moving walkway when engaged), and a key switch (typically used for restarting the moving walkway or reversing the direction of movement).

A moving walkway is a fixed electrically driven device with a circular running (plate or belt) walkway used to transport passengers at a horizontal or oblique Angle of not more than 12°. Moving sidewalks are suitable for stations, docks, shopping malls, airports, exhibition halls and sports stadiums where people are concentrated.

Also know as moving sidewalk way pedal stainless steel. moving walkway ; moving sidewalk ; travelling sidewalk ; automatic walkway ; passenger belt ; pedestrian conveyor, passenger conveyor/travelator/moving walkway.

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