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Stainless Steel Escalator Step
Stainless steel escalator step

Stainless Steel Escalator Step

Strong strength and reliable reputation
Large production volume, timely and fast delivery
Quality assurance, warranty after-sales
Width 600/800/1000mm
Product Detail

Stainless Steel Escalator Step
We provide various kinds of stainless steel escalator step, step roller, within 10 days for our customers, matched for Mitsubishi, Otis, Thyssen, Schindler, Kone, Hyundai, FUJITEC, TOSHIBA, SIGMA, KONL, YUNGTAY, etc.


Ningbo lilong Elevator steps, with certified design exceeding code requirements for static loads and slip properties: Delivers reliability and durability in many environment, is a investment that lasts. Ningbo lilong testing of escalator steps is stipulated by standards to ensure that steps are designed to sustain the static and dynamic loads imposed on them during the service life of the escalator, without collapse or any fatigue damage.
Our steps code number enable maintenance personnel to quickly and clearly observe the step of the escalator they are maintaining at any time, understand its working conditions, and serve users better, more safely and more scientifically. The step numbering is also helpful for collecting and recording the working characteristics and data of each step , so as to find faults and defects, and lay a good foundation for the establishment of complete and correct escalator maintenance files, so as to accumulate the original basis for overhaul.


Ningbo lilong supply various kinds step for escalator, any needs please feel free to contact us for more information. Our quality escalator step are matched with quick lead times, competitive pricing and knowledgable and friendly customer service. We also represent more than 75% market share and cover over 90% stainless steel escalator step brands model type.


Strong strength and reliable reputation

Large production volume, timely and fast delivery

Quality assurance, warranty after-sales

CE,TUV,3C certified(Other certification can be made according to customer needs)

Product Description
width600/800/1000mm or Optional
Angle35 Degree
Appearance DescriptionWith 3 Yellow Demarcation, 1 Black Demarcation, Indoor Only
Materialmade by stainless steel sheet
Product condition100% brand new
Fit BrandsOtis, Hitachi ,Mitsubishi, Kone, Thysenn, Fujitec LG Sigma, Hyundai, Yungtay...
Delivery time7-10 days
Package Stylestandard export wooden pallet
MOQ Order2 Piece
Transportation wayDHL, UPS , FedEx, By Air, By Sea



Step with Anti-Slip Grooves

Grooves along the corner edge of each step improve anti-slip performance and the visibility of each step for further passenger safety.


Yellow Plastic Step Barrier Demarcation Bar

Yellow plastic step demarcation bars are installed along escalator step's barrier , thereby preventing passengers from getting too close to the skirt guards and avoid clothes from getting caught between the steps and skirt guard.


Comb Plate with Smaller Angle

Lilong recognizes how critical the Comb teeth angle is: even a small gap between the Comb and Step can result in a serious accident. Putting our years of experience and research to full use, we have made the angle the smallest it can be (10° to the horizontal) to keep passengers and items such as baggage from stumbling or getting caught between the Comb and Step.


Brighter Demarcation Color

Attention to the smallest details is the chief theme of Lilong’s safety criteria, and the color of the Demarcation Line is no exception. The yellow Step and Comb Demarcation Line comes as standard and its brightness has been improved to provide better visibility of the Step, Comb and Floor Plate than in our other models.

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